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ასისტენტი / თარჯიმანი

ასისტენტი / თარჯიმანი
queen tamar avenue, tbilisi
  • Education : Bachelor, Bachelor of Professional
  • Experience : no experience
  • Availability : Full Time, Morning, Afternoon, Day, Evening, Weekend and day off

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I am currently a resident of the Netherlands. This year I am planning to move to Tbilisi, Georgia; and later this year I am planning to invest a large amount in Georgia, and/or start a business in Georgia. This should allow me a Permanent Residence Permit for investors, as well as Tax Residence in Georgia. (But I would like to get a Temporary Residence Permit first before I apply for a Permanent Residence Permit.) And first I need to find an apartment to rent. I am also very interested in learning the Georgian language. I could use a lot of help, so I am looking for someone who speaks English, Georgian, and Russian, and who can work full-time as my employee as:

- Personal language tutor/teacher. (I would like to learn Georgian by practicing conversations and vocabulary, and translating texts together.)
- Translator. (Translate texts between Georgian/Russian/English independently.)
- Guide. (Accompanying me wherever I go, such as stores, banks, companies, government offices, etcetera.).
- Interpreter. (Help translate during live conversations.)
- Personal Assistant / Personal Secretary. (You need to have Microsoft Office suite (or LibreOffice equivalent), a portable/laptop computer, and have a printer.)

You can receive a very high salary.

(There is also the possibility of international travel (in Europe) with me. In addition to your salary, I can also reimburse your travelling and accommodation costs.)

Please email me at, or send an SMS to (+995) 577342511.


mobile: (+995) 577 34 25 11