Vacancy summary

Mystery shopper in Kutaisi

Кутаиси, Имеретия, Грузия
  • Education : Without high
  • Experience : no experience
Salary : 360GEL

Vacancy location

Vacancy details

Mystery shoppers are required in the field testing project in Kutaisi.
Go through the list of addresses and perform at each point a small task with your smartphone according to the instructions. Outlets are retail chains (example: Nikora, Spar, Carrefour), cafes (example: McDonalds, DonkeyDonuts), pharmacies (PSP, GPC), gas stations (Wissol, Gulf), as well as mail, metro, etc., located within the city.

Project parameters:
A list of points will provide the manager. Typically, the route that you need to go during the test, includes from 30 to 90 points, all in one or neighboring areas.
Points need to be bypassed for 3-4 days.
IMPORTANT: to participate in the project, you will need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

We pay from 12 to 14 lari per a point. Average earnings for the entire project - from 360. The amount varies depending on the number of points, can be more or less (but not less than 45 lari per project)


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