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Vacancy summary

Property Manager / Asset Manager

Property Manager / Asset Manager
  • Education : Bachelor, Bachelor of Professional
  • Experience : 1 year - 3 years
  • Industry : Real Estate
  • Contract : Long term
  • Availability : Part Time
  • Languages



Vacancy details

Job Title: Property Manager / Asset Manager (remote, 20 hrs/week)

Job Description: Property Manager / Asset Manager for apartment buildings real estate portfolio in the U.S. Great command of the English language. Real estate/property management experience is preferred. Customer relations management experience is a plus. Work is fully remote, 20 hrs/week. 2 month paid initial period with the goal of full-time position at end of term.

Job duties:
 Property management: tracking rent collection, making and receiving payments online; communicating to tenants, preparing leases, notices, agreements; online supplies/appliances purchases; maintaining expense lists, monthly financials for properties; short term rentals/AirBnB communications and management.
 Construction and repairs management: full construction and repairs management; finding and communicating with repairmen/contractors for construction work; calling repairmen/servicemen/cleaners for maintenance tasks.
 Asset management: making sure overall property business plan is executed to the best and fullest, and according to original business plan specifications, in terms of both timeline and financials.
 Rental/sales management: creating sale and rental postings on various platforms; responding to renter/sale messages and phone calls and scheduling showings/viewings; sending rental applications/background check to candidates and reviewing those; communicating to agents, attorneys and other transaction constituents.
 Financing, insurance, tax, zoning management: preparing lender paperwork, communications; shopping for best home insurance rates; performing tax appeals; calling lenders, insurance providers to find best terms; communicating to zoning departments and navigating rules and applications.
 Paperwork management: filling in various forms and paperwork including but not limited to licensing paperwork, assisting with tax returns, title work, savings/brokerage/retirement account opening and management
 Working from home with WhatsApp / Zoom communication and weekly progress reports.

o Bachelor’s degree or other equivalent qualification with an excellent command of verbal and written English.
o Knowledge of MS office suite applications: Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.
o Excellent writing skills for online posts; Attention to detail at filling in paperwork
o Project management, construction management and business execution skills
o Customer relationship skills, Real estate/property management skills
o Critical thinking, decision making skill, communication skills, organization and prioritization skills, planning skills, time management skills, diligence in tasks, problem solving skills
o Conscientiousness and Strong work ethic; Confidentiality with dealing with private information

How to Apply:
 To apply for this position, send resume and contact information to, with Property Manager / Asset Manager as email subject line.