davitashvili nino
godziashvili. street,lane 2
0159 tbilisi

mobile: (+995) 592 90 95 19

54 years old
Pay claims : 800GEL
  • Gender : Woman
  • Education : BEP - CAP
  • Experience : > 10 years
  • Availability : Full Time, Part Time, Evening


Experience working with children from 0 to 7 years. The organization of the regime of the day. Full care, hygiene. The overall development of the child. Drawing, modeling, application, familiarity with the outside world, the development of speech, elementary mathematical representations; learning to read.

Work experiences



Sophie and Ilia Zedginidze 111 Chemin du Vieux Moulin 06580 Pegomas France Mob: +33648342337 To Whom It May Concern: Re: Reference for Nino Davitashvili We interviewed Nino Davitashivili when we were in Tbilisi this summer, along with a dozen of other candidates. She was the final candidate interviewed, and after the interview my husband and I were sure that she was the one. We are a Georgian British family with three kids living in the South of France (kids now aged 4 years, 3 years and 10 months). Nino worked with us from August-November 2017 for three months. She was a live-in nanny. Nino was a wonderful nanny for our kids, and mainly looked after then 7-9 month old Elena, but also the two others, when they came back from school at 16.30. Nino was able to balance being professional and very warm and loving with the children. Her presence at home has never burdened us due to her very agreeable character. Nino was highly dedicated to her job, always with a positive attitude. She picked up on our wishes and preferences straight away, and was able to grasp the tasks without any problem. She never got tired of walking with Elena outside, preparing home-made steamed meals for her, never letting Elena out of sight for a second. She was very good with observing all the baby safety rules (i.e. always storing any potentially dangerous items out of baby’s reach, always strapping the baby into her chair, etc). Miraculously, Nino was also able to help us out with cooking and other household tasks (she is a great cook!). She is extremely quick and efficient. It was an enormous plus that she spoke English. She was very independent, making her plans for days off. She was observant with the baby, picking up straight away what Elena liked, whether she was sleepy, etc. She was able to make Elena comfortable, so that she cried very little. In addition to being good with the kids, Nino was a pleasant company for the parents, which is very important! She contributed to a relaxed, cozy and warm atmosphere in our home. I have never once heard her even raise her tone of voice. I would recommend Nino for a position of a nanny without any reservations. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Best wishes, Sophie and Ilia Zedginidze

Company : family



August, 2017

November, 2017








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